Boston Organics

3 10 2013

Was waiting for me when I got home today. What a fantastic treat ! I wish you could have been here when I opened the bin – the luscious aroma of earth and freshness and the combo of fruit and veg. The kids will be stoked for dessert tonight – oranges pears grapes bananas. Delish!


Boston Organics

26 09 2013


Boston Organics

Looks like we are going to go back to getting deliveries from Boston Organics.  It is such a great service, like being part of a CSA, but with the goods delivered right to you !  You control exactly how much you want to get, what you prefer to receive, if there are items you absolutely do NOT want.   We had Boston Organics a couple of years ago but now that the kids are all big enough and enjoy eating fruits and veg, it looks like this is a great and surprisingly inexpensive way to get fresh local fruits and vegetable to our table.  Our EdibleTable.

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