Twists and turns of life

28 03 2015

life with three kids is never boring.  Three kids who have three different ideas of what is edible is a whole other story.  

Sofia is pretty good about trying everyrthing.  Andrew eats some carbs, lots of fruit and drinks water (dislikes milk).  Jack likes certain french fries, occasional Ritz crackers, and pretzels.  And milk.  Lots of milk. 

And now that we have gotten an autism spectrum disorder (High Functioning Aspergers) diagnosis for Andrew, we have been trying to navigate figuring out how to help him. Learning tools to make his life easier, more understandable and calmer.  

Before the diagnosis, I had read about how food dyes and other additives to our foods, can be detrimental to kids.  To the point that if you take all of te food dyes out of a child’s diet, it can make real improvements to their energy and anger levels. 

Now we’ve been talking with parents of other special needs kids, asking for their advice and guidance through this tough transition from “neuro-typical” family to “neuro-typical  & special needs” family.   Several people (parents of NT & Special Needs kids), therapists, as well as trustworthy research, have led me back to diet. 

So now I’m going to try to reduce and eliminate the following:

  • artificial Food dyes 
  • Fake sugars
  • Artificial flavors – especially “vanillin”
  • TBHQ, BHA & BHT preservatives

So that all being said, one food that has helped Andrew calm himself down is Popsicles.   Obviously they are filled with sugar and fake sugars, dyes etc.  

so I took it upon myself to make some natural freezer pops for Andrew.  

Three ingredients – a bag of organic frozen fruit from BJs, orange juice (with no added sugars etc) and a tablespoon of agave nectar (had no honey in the house).

Ran it all through the cuisinart and then used a Baggie to pipe it into the tubes.  

We are currently waiting for them to freeze but I have fingers crossed that he will enjoy them.   I’ll update when he has eaten one (or all)!




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