23 02 2014

Put together a pretty simple but incredibly tasty lunch today – BLT & A

Good bread (I used Stop & Shop Brick Oven Pane Tuscan)
Bacon (I used regular sliced from BJ’s)
Greens (I used greens from the S&S escarole blend packages salads)
Tomato (S&S again)
Avocado (S&S again!)
Freshly cracked pepper
Freshly cracked sea salt

Make the sandwich. I spread a thin layer of mayo, then greens. Cut tomato into thick slices. Cracked salt on them. Then sliced avocado. Crack pepper on the avocado. Pile the crispy bacon on top. Put a top piece of bread on and enjoy.
For Karin I made a sandwich – for me I made two open faced…
Every single bite was perfect !




First Grilling

18 06 2009
first posted 6/4/09


Last night we christened our ‘almost completed deck’ with its first grilling.

We are still missing our railings and stair treads, but since the grill is on the deck, that’s good enough for us !

After work, I went a couple of doors down and bought three swordfish steaks from Yankee Lobster.  I hadn’t been there before (I don’t have a good reason).  Clean shop, nice selection.  I was asked how far I had to travel and when I told that I only had to go twenty minutes (hoping for no traffic on the Pike), he went in the back and brought out a bag of fresh ice that he placed in the sack with my steaks.  Thoughtful and kind, and definitely the kind of thing that will bring me back again (and tell others too!). bag o fish too

Once home, I simply took the steaks (which smelled of the sea, nothing fishy about them) and sprinkled them with kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper and a drizzling of olive oil.  Into the fridge until grilling time. fish and fixins

I quickly made up a pot of cous cous and then set it aside until dinner.

Grape tomatoes (bought) and some fresh Greek Oregano from the garden, kosher salt, pepper and olive oil went into a bowl and was tossed.  I added some whole (pitted, so not completely whole) kalamata olives, and let that marinate and mingle until the grill was going.tomats marinate

I created a small pan for the grill, out of non-stick aluminum foil.  I put it on the grill and poured the tomato/olive mixture into it.  It started sizzling immediately, so I let it do its thing.  It just sounded like it was going to be good. tomats grill These were the first thing on the grill, and the last thing off.  I will say – the tomatoes didn’t burst, but rather slowly gave off their liquid, thus concentrating the sweetness and the flavors of the tomatoes.  They caramelized into lovely large ruby jewels.  The olives did their best to keep up with the tomatoes, but they just got crunchy bits here and there.  tomats grill afterWe were a big fan of this, and will definitely do it again.  Heck, it could be a side dish all on its own.

Swordfish went on to the grill right after the tomatoes and olives.  Four minutes on their first side.  While waiting for the fish, I took slivered almonds and started toasting them in a pan.  Just wanted to knock the raw taste and waxy mouth feel off of them.  Back out on the grill, flipped the fish, and back in to toss the almonds.

Once ready, I took the swordfish off the grill and plated – cous cous with the tomato/olive mix on top, with a shaving of fresh parmigiana on top.  Then the swordfish on the side and toasted almonds on top of the swordfish, and we were ready to go.  We each squeezed a little lemon on the fish and took our bites.  The fish was juicy, and had such a subtle flavor, it was divine.  We hadn’t cooked swordfish in over two years, as Karin was pregnant and couldn’t eat it.  This was a nice way to come back to it.


We paired the meal with a chilled bottle of Starwood Sauvignon Blanc.  Like almost all Sauv Blancs that we drink, this came from the Marlborough region of New Zealand.

The mark of a great meal  –  we didn’t talk for the first half of dinner as we moaned and smiled our way through.

A nice way to kick off summer, fish, grilling and our deck.

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