Been absent – finally back

24 09 2009

This summer we spent working on our kitchen.  When we bought our house, the kitchen was one of the things that I knew was going to be a problem spot.  We had to buy a fridge and stove, but the layout wasn’t safe.  Knowing that a little-one was going to be running through, we had to move where the stove was (as you enter the kitchen from dining room and hallway – a great way to have pots knocked over).  We upgraded the electrical in the house.  There was no exhaust fan in the kitchen,  so that was on the list.

Fast forward through the summer, and we have a dishwasher, exhaust fan, base AND wall cabinets and a new butcher block counter on the cooking wall.  While the rest of the kitchen is still as it was when we moved in, with the ‘built-on-site’ cabinets from 1950, we know that it is only a matter of time before we bring out the sledgehammers and take that out too.

Finally I have room that stand in front of my stove and look in my oven.  Finally I can put a pot down next to the stove after I take it off of a burner.  Finally I can move the different aromas out of the kitchen.  Finally I can find out where the hot spots are in oven.  Finally I can breathe.

Since this phase of the project has finished (last Sunday), I’ve already whipped up three batches of cookies and a mean chicken soup.

Looking forward to this weekend and finally getting back to cooking and sharing.




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